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Teaser Scene - Mara: The Seal Wife

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Hello Everyone,

With the grade and music now pretty much complete we are moving on to the last stage of post production which is the sound design. We are anticipating that the film will finally be ready early 2020. Thank you for your ongoing patience.

The sound design has recently been complete on a teaser scene for the film which you can see here...

Although this scene will not be included in the actual film I feel it works as a sort of teaser to the world of Mara and the themes of the film. The scene was cut when it was decided we should aim for a running length of under 40 minutes which is the usual maximum running length of short films at festivals. It also keeps the film focused more on the core story which is the relationship of Magnus & Sine. We hope to explore the world of Mara more in the future.


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